• Multiple Sports
  • Oct 22, 2021

Let's bring the BIG RED MACHINE to Sheldon!

Galley Crew, all hands on deck... Theme: white out @ Sheldon, Oct 29...More

  • All School
  • Aug 29, 2021

How to use the GoFan mobile ticketing site

GoFan is our ticket system for most league games, season passes, many tournaments and championship events. Here is a quick overview of how to buy and redeem your tickets...More

  • Cheerleaders
  • Aug 09, 2021

Who is the Galley Crew?

Jesuit High School has a long and proud tradition of supporting the Marauders in various competitions. This deep-rooted enthusiasm manifests itself in the form of the Galley Crew, which is a source of pride for students, faculty and staff,...More

  • All School
  • Mar 06, 2021

Marauders are in play!

Sacramento March 5, 2021 - The 2020-2021 Marauder Season is back! All sports are in play – with 11 having engagement with student-athletes now as all ramp up to begin contests. Information will be updated asap and schedules are fluid....More

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